Technology Stack


Dynamic views made remarkably easy. Angular provides a substantial structure to render HTML content readily onto the client side. Angular JS code is fast & expressive due to its amazing data binding mechanisms and is thus a globally recognized standard.


Built on top of the popular Javascript V8 Engine, node.js is absolutely lightweight & offers an efficient non-blocking I/O model which ensures that backend systems are robust and utilize all available resources at optimum capacity.


The backbone to tomorrow’s highly scalable data requirements. The ability to handle massive amounts of data without adding any dependencies on server side. MongoDb immortalizes the beauty of no-sql within a highly reliable environment of document database.


Platform as a service provides a cloud platform allowing customers to develop & manage large scale applications without the burden of building the necessary infrastructure around it. Development environments can be virtualized which in turn provide tremendous amount of flexibility & scalability to any software system.


Saas applications which enable “on-demand software” to be deployed instantaneously and eliminate the need for it to be physically distributed. Technological advancements make this customization particularly easy going and thus systems can be virtually leased and taken full advantage of.


A reputed php framework which offers mature tools such as REST so that it can be integrated with one of the world’s most popular programming language. In addition, laravel includes brilliant features like data migration & seeds which significantly enhance the value proposition of this wonderful framework.


The world of plug & play. Simple & effective. One of the best content management systems out there.  Publishing posts on the go & managing massive contents. The flexibility to customize experience instantly through plug-ins and much more.


The mobile operating system developed exclusively for Apple devices which expose a variety of device features so that developers can exploit them as per their requirement. iOS is widely appreciated for its efficient multitasking and for its breathtaking ability to switch between apps instantly.


Backed by the largest community of mobile developers, android promises to be a highly fascinating field of development as the acceptance for mobile apps strongly grows as compared to any other development platform.


Another giant in the domain of content management systems offering top-notch extensibility through add-ons. Joomla boasts multilingual features with over 65 languages being integrated in its system. It has some great tools for managing media, contacts, posts, banners and everything else that contributes to your CMS.


Another impressive PHP framework which offers security & analysis capabilities like no other possible alternate. Flexible transformation of apps from staging to production resulting into improved usability.


Lean and Elegant. CI has been the backbone of several outstanding applications out there. Working with CodeIgniter gives us the agility to deliver exceptional performance with minimum dependency on monolithic libraries.


One of the most popular scripting languages with impeccable embedding capabilities. The PHP language is full of resources to develop quality web applications and being adept at server side scripting opens up several channels to explore.


The world’s most popular open source database. Businesses rely on database systems to effectively handle large volumes of data. MySQL takes the availability & security needs of data to a whole new level.


Shopify helps scale your business by expanding your reach to multiple outlets. The multi-channel sales platform has exquisite services and commendable payment support which can be used to achieve a significant competitive advantage.


When trying to establish your business as the “next big thing”, it’s all about relations – be it making new ones or strengthening existing ones. Being proficient in vtiger enables us to build reliable CRM tools and gives our clients an extra edge over their competitors.