Going Beyond Job Titles

Gyrix has been a dream workplace for me.

The exposure to world-class processes and crucial responsibilities has helped me build a strong foundation for my professional career. It has given me a head start into the IT world and a chance to explore multiple verticals of my personality. The company has true startup culture embedded in the way it functions. It ensures that no matter what profile you take up – an intern or a fresher, your role will not be restricted to a desk job. It compels everyone to go beyond job titles. Gyrix will push you to be innovative in your approach and encourage you to think “outside the box”.

It will not allow you to settle and keep challenging you with newer responsibilities, so that you can witness unparalleled growth.


The co-founders Kunal and Rashmirathi are a perfect blend of all the characteristics that you wish of your bosses! To be a little cheesy, I’d even say “they complete each other”. They have nurtured a brilliant team and the atmosphere at work is scintillating. Employee growth is central to their agenda. That reflects in their behavior and is visible in most of the company’s policies. Joining Gyrix made me realize that working in a startup has much more to offer, compared to a typical MNC.


Excelling at Gyrix definitely demands tremendous dedication and long hours at work. But then again, if you’re enjoying responsibilities and are in love with what you do, you don’t listen to the clock ticking, do you? In a nutshell, if you’re passionate about your work and envision yourself as being the best in the business, this is your place to be!

Thank You #GYRIX
Shreyas Padhye

Fun Fact: Shreyas did an Entrepreneurial Internship at Gyrix during his graduation and was offered a PPO based on his performance during the Internship.

March 3, 2017

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