The Gyrix Story

Sharing with you Gyrix story will be a fascinating experience and at the beginning you would feel that it is kind of a Bollywood story, where two people met, liked each other, were very compatible and .. they lived happily ever after…and yes of course! like any other Bollywood movie, their story too had some flip sides.

But a big NO, because Gyrix was not an outcome of the meeting of two soulmates, rather it was a meeting of two like-minded people who thought that it is better to have your own small company and making it big, rather than working with a big company and remain a small part of it. After all, it is the way you think that makes all the difference.

The duo- Rashmirathi and Kunal, met in Mumbai, way back in 2007 during their summer internship training with a big IT conglomerate and coincidently shared the same room in the hostel too.  The room witnessed their endless discussions regarding their future aspirations, what exactly they want from their life and how they wanted to be architects of their own destiny.

Rashmirathi, though happy with his job and was sure of the learning and growth opportunities that the company will offer in future, still wanted to be on his own, to explore the world of immense opportunities ahead and to live his dreams.

Kunal, on the other hand, was a fresh graduate and wanted to learn the art of management, so he left his job, and went on to pursue his MBA from one of the finest MBA institutes in India.

The story does not end here, though on separate paths to realize their dreams, Rashmirathi and Kunal were never separated as friends. While Kunal was busy learning management, Rashmrathi came back to his hometown, the city of Nawabs, Bhopal to materialize his future plans. Back in Bhopal, Rashmirathi had some family responsibility to be fulfilled, and his family needed him close to them, not at a far-away place like Mumbai. Rashmirathi thought of Indore as the most suitable location, as it served both purpose, located close to Bhopal and was also conducive to start a business. So, after zeroing down Indore, he started with a very small set-up of web App development and PHP training.

Though the physical setup of company took place in 2012, Rashmirathi and Kunal always had the plans of barging into the world of Entrepreneurship, they were committed to each other, so while Rashmirathi did the initial setup, Kunal joined him while on his summer internship and contributed in things like hiring, training, marketing etc, which he continued even after going back to Mumbai to finish his MBA. After becoming a management graduate, Kunal too became the full-fledged co-cofounder with Rashmi and from friends they became business partners too. They worked day and night to establish their company from the grass root level, they implemented whatever their alma mater has taught them and applied their learnings that they received during their stint with the IT Company and established what is today known as ‘Gyrix Technolabs’.

If there’s anything that’s consistently true about launching a startup, it’s that very little will be consistently true and applicable forever. Both Rashmirathi and Kunal learned this the hard way. They realized that even if you put all your time, energy and faith in your business plan, it would still have its ups and downs, the plan might need a modification, sometimes the whole idea will go for a toss, new factors can arise that illuminate parts of your business operations and a small downturn will have a serious impact on your spirit. But these were the experiences that they gained on their path towards taking Gyrix to a level, where it is today and believe that they still hold true.

The Gyrix Story saw a new dawn, and from a very small setup the company metamorphosed into a big company, shifted to a new campus and grew to a team size of more than 20.

Let us wait for the story to unleash further…

March 3, 2017

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