How to filter Entrepreneurs from Wannapreneurs ?


As a service provider for Web and Mobile Solutions, we interact with many wannapreneurs on a daily basis. Initially it was exciting to discover/discuss new ideas but gradually we needed a way to filter the really serious ones. Below is a hack for it:

wannapreneurs (wp): I have this great idea and want to start development immediately.

me: Sure, we might be able to help with it. Please explain the idea.

wp: I want to create an X for Y industry. Do you have any experience in it? Can you help ?

me: Yes, we have worked with multiple startups in Y industry and have successfully completed quite a few projects. Our team members have good functional understanding of the industry. This is our understanding ——-

wp: Thanks. This helps a lot. Which technology should we use ?

me: We have implemented our earlier projects using A,B and C technology. However, we also have expertise on D,E and F.  Final decision on the technology will be yours. Before we continue further discussions, we need to formalize your thoughts and have a document ready to understand the scope of work. It will help in proper estimation, planning and goal setting.

wp: Sure, i’ll get cracking on it and provide you the document by tomorrow EOD.

me: Do you require any help from my side ?

wp: Nothing for now. These inputs are sufficient for me to work on the document.

me: Sounds good. Looking forward to your email.

**2 weeks pass by – No revert**

*me thinking* What could I’ve done better to help the wannapreneur further ?



To gauge the seriousness of wannapreneurs, ask them to do the smallest of the task. If there is no revert – You’ve saved yourself from wasted efforts in fruitless discussions.
If the wannapreneurs return with a great outcome and same vigor – you have interesting potential client and the opportunity to work with genuine Entrepreneur.

March 3, 2017

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